Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lazy Welsh boy

This Lazy Welsh boy Has neglected his blog for far to long!

 With all the work that goes into getting stock ready for fairs ,I have only just managed to put some
time aside to sit down and share some photos with you all.

This Beautiful glass display dome was found at a carboot sale by a friend,
who knew I would just have to have it!
 It now displays some of my most prized pieces
A stunning tiara made up of diamante stars which I found at a local theatre clearance Dated around 1910 and my Great grandmother's 1915 silk crochet wedding gloves and a spray of ivory silk flowers from her wedding dress.
This amazing Phrenology head was a gift for my 16th Birthday, I have always found it
fascinating and have bought many books on the subject but have never put it in practise.
And I leave you with two of my favourite things Sweet peas and Flamingos
I hope you are all enjoying the Beautiful sunshine
Adam xxx


  1. Love, love love. I have a thing for glass domes and mannequins. Found at a carboot, that's insane! How lovely to have your grandmother's gloves on display and enjoy instead of having them packed away. Tam x

    1. Hi Tam,
      Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm not sure if this is the right way to reply or if I have to go to your blog to reply, I am still learning at this blogging thing !
      I so agree about the gloves I really like having things around me that mean something personally mixed in with other treasures I find out and about, we still have my great grandmother's wedding dress in the family which I am hoping to have on display when the house is finished (when that will be god only knows).
      Thanks again for your comments and following my pitiful blog , Have a good weekend
      best wishes Adam xxx