Monday, 28 January 2013

Chair rescue

A few years ago I rescued this chair from a friends damp shed and had intended to restore it
well lets just say I never got around to it , I just put it in the corner of a room and covered it with a throw.
Then at a Local Vintage Fair in December 2012, A friend asked if I had any chairs for sale?
she was looking for a chair that her husband could sit in and read , but he didn't want a big comfy chair
but something more upright and firm for his back and I remembered the sad discarded chair sitting in the corner of my work room crying out to be loved , so I came home and sent her pics of the sad chair and some ideas of fabric and the email back said YES YES YES !. The down side was that she wanted it as a Christmas present which was only two weeks away, So I set to work removed all the old fabric, stuffing etc... and gave the dirty oak a good clean, sand and wax and with some lovely fabric my MAGIC was done !

Pleased to say my Friend was very Happy and her Husband was over the moon Christmas day and I'm told he doesn't move far from HIS chair on the weekends !

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  1. Hi Adam
    I didn't realise it was you at first!! Thank you for your lovely comment and I will put you in my side bar of blogs so hopefully more people will find you. Love the chair, you have done a great job. Hopefully we will catch up soon, I am at the V&H textile and fashion fair in Feb. Of course I will keep you in mind if I sell the wedding dress. Good luck with the blog it's looking fantastic.
    Jo xx